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How to Apply for New Pan Card Online

Pan Card is the necessary card for doing banking transaction and pay the income tax to the government. Government cut the tax yearly in the month of March ending. It is necessary to show the Pan Card while paying tax to the income tax department.  Apply and PAN card status online and also search by pan name.But what If you have not applied for Pan Card yet or you need to do some changes and reprint the Pan Card.  Don’t worry online application of Pan Card is available now. Now you can easily get the form of 49A online and apply online for the new Pan Card or duplicate Pan Card.

Procedure for online Pan Card Application

First open its official site. if you don’t understand English language then you can also click on hindi language option. Now open 49A form and fill it correctly with your perfect address name and date of birth. If you follow any error then re-submit the form. Once you fill it up correctly confirmation screen will display that means you have successfully submitted the form. After confirmation applicant will be given the 15-digit acknowledgement number. Please take a print of it and save your acknowledgement number for your future reference. Check out PAN card details online here for a few simple steps. Applicant should fix the passport size photo in that acknowledgement form. Now put your thumb-impression on the left corner of the form. Thumb-impression could be attested only under the surveillance of gazetted officer or Magistrate official seal and stamp.

The applicant should have addressed the same name and address available in the id proof he has presented while filling the form. You can pay your procedure fee by cheque or credit card.  you should post  your acknowledgement form and other attached proof to the NSDL office within 15 days of you have applied online for Pan Card. you will receive your Pan Card by post from NSDL office.


Post by adarshgm2 (2015-07-30 03:22)

Tags: PAN card status Check PAN card status

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