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Uno Cards into Every Home in America

Uno celebrates its 40th anniversary this season, and believe to celebrate rather than get a deck of Uno cards into every home in America. Sound absurd? Well whenever they charge only $1.00 for that promotional 40th anniversary Uno deck, its tough to imagine that they do anything else.
The Uno card game was invented in 1971 by Merle Robbins. Merle and the family funded the very first print run of 5,000 decks, and then sold the action to International Games for any lump sum plus royalties on future copies sold. Mattel picked up the action in 1992, publishing numerous Uno variants beyond the traditional Uno, that is a staple in only about every rules of cribbage closet.

Uno celebrates its 40th birthday this coming year. What better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Uno compared to charging alongside nothing for your cards? Well, definitely away will be a good start, but charging $1.00 for any deck of 40th anniversary Uno cards is usually a close second. And that is what Mattel is progressing. As of January 2011, promotional decks in the 40th Anniversary edition of Uno are for sale for only $1.00.

The Uno 40th anniversary edition card game features throwback graphics within the fronts and backs with the cards that happen to be sure to invoke feeling of nostalgia in anyone 20 or longer. The game has got the look and feel with the Uno cards I remember playing when I was obviously a kid, before they slapped every Disney character imaginable onto them. The rules are the same as normal Uno, using the only notable difference being the retro design from the cards.

The Uno 40th anniversary edition card game was available through large retailers like Walmart and Target. I personally saw one display in the local Walmart the location where the 40th Anniversary Uno decks were placed within the end cap in a very large cardboard display. However, since price only agreed to be $1.00, most in the copies were snatched up quickly. Luckily you will still find some decks going swimming those big box stores.
Early in February, I went shopping at Walmart and spent a few momemts looking at the Hasbro Card Games. I found one copy of 40th anniversary Uno mixed in while using other cards. It is likely which the item ended up left somewhere within the store and after that restocked in together with the other games. I had a similar thing happen a month before in a local Target. Since I knew the retail only agreed to be $1.00, I grabbed it, though I couldn't locate a price tag. Sure enough, it was just $1.00.

If you're not lucky enough to discover a straggler deck mixed in with all the other games, it is possible to pay limited and purchase the 40th anniversary Uno on Amazon or eBay. You are going to pay over the promo price, but a minimum of you will have a copy with this collectors edition Uno. For more details on visit here

Post by adarshgm2 (2016-02-09 02:17)

Tags: UNO card game rules of cribbage

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